At the Amaranta School in Santiago, Chile, most of the students are transgender. It’s a welcoming place of learning for kids who were bullied or discriminated against at their previous schools. Angela, for one, used to get stomach aches because she was nervous about being picked on. Since enrolling at Amaranta, the 16-year-old looks forward to class. Evelyn Silva, the director of Amaranta, hopes the safe, accepting haven can be a model for other schools. ... read more

A former elementary school gym teacher was indicted over the alleged inappropriate touching of more than two dozen first-grade girls, said a prosecutor in southwest Ohio. ... read more

CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports on the Trump campaign's decision to fire several pollsters after internal polling numbers showed the President trailing Democratic candidate Joe Biden in several key states. ... read more

In a victory for Democrats in Virginia, the Supreme Court held that the Republican-led Virginia House of Delegates did not have the legal right to challenge a lower court opinion that struck several district maps they had drawn as an unconstitutional racial gerrymander. ... read more

Following the leak of President Donald Trump's dismal internal poll numbers, a source close to Trump's campaign says the president has become "obsessed" with the polls. ... read more

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Hong Kong for the second consecutive Sunday, despite a move by the city's embattled leader to suspend a controversial extradition bill. CNN's Ivan Watson reports. ... read more

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig explains the benefits and weaknesses of a House vote to impeach President Trump without sending the resolution to the Senate for a formal vote on removal from office. ... read more

Hours after a young North Carolina boy thwarted a home invasion with a machete, the 19-year-old suspect walked out of a hospital and got away, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said. ... read more