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Women at 75% of UK maternity units are being denied their right to choose a Caesarean, the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told. ... read more

NHS hospitals can start offering it to men with benign prostate enlargement, says regulator. ... read more

The charity received the cash after Richard Cousins and two sons died in a plane crash in Australia. ... read more

Sir Norman Bettison, accused of blaming Liverpool fans for the 1989 disaster, will not be prosecuted. ... read more

Cyber-attacks on US political groups are stopped after Microsoft grabs key net domains, the company says. ... read more

Images from two angles on a nearby building show the moment the motorway bridge came down. ... read more

Joe Xuereb faces two counts of attempted murder after a mother and daughter were critically injured. ... read more

Leaving the EU without a deal would make it harder to stop the spread of diseases, NHS boss is told. ... read more