UK CHILCOT REPORT CONDEMNS COUNTRY'S ENTRANCE INTO IRAQ WAR And particularly excoriates then-Prime Minister Tony Blair forhis role. Blair has vowed to address the report in full. [Owen Bennet and Ned Simmons, HuffPost]
HILLARY CLINTON AVOIDS CHARGES FOR EMAIL While FBI director James Comey cleared the presidential candidate, he did indict her as"extremely careless." Here's what was new in the report and how Whitewater influenced her response. [Sam Stein and Michael McAuliff, HuffPost] 
LIONEL MESSI IS HAVING A BAD GO OF LATE The world's greatest soccer player was sentenced to 21 months in jail for tax fraud, but he is unlikely to serve the time. [Reuters]
NATO NIGHTMARE: RUSSIA "One Monday afternoon in June, several hundred American, British and Polish troops parachuted into central Poland. Last month’s jump was just practice, part of an extended NATO rehearsal for a defense of northern Europe against Russia. But in a real crisis -- if those soldiers were called to defend the Baltic states -- they could be dropping into a death trap." [David Wood, HuffPost]
OUTRAGE GROWING AFTER OFFICER SHOT MAN IN BATON ROGUE A witness's grainy video shows Alton Sterling's death. [Julia Craven, HuffPost]
15 OVERDOSES IN 10 HOURS IN AKRON The Ohio city has seen 55 heroin overdose deaths since the beginning of the year. [USA Today]
'PRIVATE PRISONER VANS LONG ROAD OF NEGLECT' "Every year, tens of thousands of fugitives and suspects -- many of whom have not been convicted of a crime -- are entrusted to a handful of small private companies that specialize in state and local extraditions." [NYT]
OSCAR PISTORIUS SENTENCED TO 6 YEARS For the 2013 murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The "prescribed" minimum sentence is 15 years. [Reuters]
THE EXODUS AHEAD OF THE ISIS BATTLE FOR MOSUL "Iraqi forces have been battling ISIS in villages south of Mosul for nearly two months, they said, and civilians have been fleeing into their territory daily, sometimes carrying the bodies of their loved ones who were killed in crossfire and by land mines along the way. A surge in the fighting saw an influx of more than 2,000 people this weekend, the commanders said, sending authorities scrambling to manage the human tide." [Buzzfeed]
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WHEN NEW YORK CITY IS UNDERWATER "By 2030 or so, the water in New York Harbor could be a foot higher than it is today. That may not sound like much, but New York does not have to become Atlantis to be incapacitated. Even with a foot or two of sea-level rise, streets will become impassable at high tide, snarling traffic." [Rolling Stone]
WE NOW KNOW WHAT ASTRONAUTS WATCH IN SPACE Big surprise: a lot of space movies. [Gizmodo]
HOW IN THE WORLD BREXIT HAPPENED "On Friday 10 June, five men charged with keeping Britain in the European Union gathered in a tiny, windowless office and stared into the abyss." [The Guardian]
MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL IS HAVING A BAD GO First Congress wanted to keep players' pay below minimum wage, and now the AP is having its bots write about their games. [The Verge]
WAIT UNTIL THE FALL TO BUY AN IPHONE Better camera, better storage, better everything. [WSJ | Paywall]
INSIDE THE YANKEE CANDLE MONOPOLY With smells like Mango Peach Salsa, who can say no to the behemoth of candles? [Racked]


iPHONES AND ORGAN DONATION "If you update your iPhone to iOS 10 this fall, you’ll gain access to a very special new feature: The ability to register as an organ donor directly from the device’s built-in Health app." [HuffPost]
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~ EgyptAir recordings indicate fire may have downed the plane.
~ Paul Ryan condemned Donald Trump's campaign's use of an anti-Semitic image.
~ These twin sisters gave birth on the same day at the same time.
~ Of course the way Stephen Colbert met his wife is unbelievably adorable.
~ ICYMI, this New Yorker wedding announcement parody is grimly hilarious.
~ Someone should probably fire this manager after what he did to this employee.
~ Meet the man the internet thinks dies in every terrorist attack.
~ We're in love with Netflix's new docu-series, "Last Chance U," just from the trailer. It has it all -- troublemakers, college football, and second chances. 



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