A 28-year-old man is arrested in connection with a hit-and-run attempted murder of two police officers. ... read more

A bus driver has died in Brisbane, Australia, after a passenger threw an "item" which set him on fire, say police. ... read more

So, that happened: In 2016, voters really have a choice in presidents. But do they know the full extent of their choices? Yes, the media has made everyone aware of the fact that numerous humans are running to serve as commander in chief. But the media has raised just as much awareness of how imperfect all of them are, forcing everyone to have to accept something less than ideal.But what if there was a candidate who promised to end all of that? As it happens, there is: the Sweet Meteor Of Death. On this week’s edition of “So That Happened,” we reached ... read more

It is a landscape that inspires awe in those who explore its vast and varied wildernesses but few people have been quite so devoted to Patagonia as Kris Tompkins. ... read more

By Ellen Francis and Angus McDowallBEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian rebels began a counter-attack in Aleppo on Friday with heavy shelling of government-held areas after a weeks-long Russian-backed offensive against besieged districts held by insurgents, rebels said.Several children were killed at a school in government-held western Aleppo on Thursday, state media and a monitoring group said, just a day after air strikes on a school in a rebel-held village in Idlib, 50km (32 miles) away.The shells hit two neighborhoods, Syrian state news agency SANA reported: the national school in the Shahaba area, ... read more

A bus driver in Brisbane, Australia, has died after a passenger set him on fire, police said Friday. ... read more